inspirational Wind Sounds

Inspirational nature sounds recorded from all over our wonderful world

Why do we need relax

Rest is an integral part of our life, just like food, water, cleanliness, hygiene. When we relax, the blood flow around our body increases, giving us more energy. It helps us to have a calmer and clearer mind that promotes positive thinking, concentration, memory, and decision making. Relaxation lowers your heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and relieves tension. Relax with the sounds of nature

Relax tops

Sound of heavy rain in the middle of the night on a park road

Location: South Korea, city Seoul, Galsan Park Yangpyeong-gun Gyeonggi-do.

The sound of clear water and birdsong in the valley. Moss valley with ancient mysteries.

Location: South Korea, Seoul, Moss Valley in Sangdon, Captive, Gangwon-do.

An ecological park with lush greenery, soothing landscapes and the sound of rain.

Location: South Korea, Seoul, Yansu-ri Ecological Park, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do

A drop of rain sounds on a pond in a calm forest.

Location: South Korea, Seoul, Mungyeong Saejae

Night rain. Paldang Forest Road, the sound of rain falling quietly in the middle of the ASMR night.

Location: road in front of Bonjour cafe in Paldang, Choan-myeon, Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do.

Spring rain in May falls on the forest path of the beautiful Arboretum. sound of rain ASMR

Location: Pyonggang Arboretum, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do. Korea