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LIFE it;s internet service which was developed to make this world better. LIFE is a start-up which founded in 2021 in Kazakhstan, despite the location we are going to help to the all peoples araund the world                   

Bee good in good 

What you will get by using LIFE?


LIFE is engaged in charity. 20% of your subscription will go to charity. By purchasing a monthly subscription, you are giving food to a hungry child. You will make the world a better place!

Motivation and support

You will get daily motivation by quotes, audio, articel, stories of succes.


You can relax after a hard day by playing soothing music or to the sounds of nature


$4.99 Monthly

  • You donate money to charity
  • Motivation and support
  • Inspirational speeches from successful people
  • Rest. You can relax with relaxing music or listening to the sounds of nature

The Best Experience Ever

"I created LIFE because I want to help people and change the world. With the help of LIFE, we will change this world and make it better! We will help millions of people and make them and ourselves happier. Let's leave LIFE behind us!"
Miras Yesbolat
Founder of "LIFE"

Make world better