About us

“LIFE” is a new internet project that is designed to help people. We all have to go through difficult times and sometimes we cannot tell anyone about the “war” that we are going through. And we need support, we need motivation. Especially for this we have created “LIFE”.

What you will get by using LIFE?


LIFE is engaged in charity. 20% of your subscription will go to charity. By purchasing a monthly subscription, you are giving food to a hungry child. You will make the world a better place!

Daily portion of motivation

We all know that lack of motivation is not a good thing. Therefore, you will receive tons of motivation every day! Through our audio clips, qutes, articles, and success stories.


We know that each of us has difficult times in our lives. At this time, we do need the help of others, the wisdom, and the advice of others. But often we are afraid to turn to someone for advice, do not want to impose, and do not want to talk about our problems. In our service, you can get support from people, who have had a similar situation, but they have overcome all obstacles and are now happy. You can get support through audio, relaxation videos, and quotes. I hope that each of us will win our own “war”.


Rest is an integral part of our life, just like food, water, cleanliness, hygiene. When we relax, the blood flow around our body increases, giving us more energy. It helps us to have a calmer and clearer mind that promotes positive thinking, concentration, memory, and decision making. Relaxation lowers your heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and relieves tension. Relax with the sounds of nature.

Good mood

Good mood, a guarantee of a good and happy life. It is the poem that you need to always be in a good mood. And our “LIFE” system will help you with this. Get a portion of a good mood every day! Improve with us!


Our mission

First of all, “LIFE” was created to help people and to change the world. Our mission is to help over 7 billion people. We want to make the earth a better place. We want to help, we want to change this world We are going to do it!

Our location

Our start-up located in Kazakhstan, Almaty region, village Otegen-Batyr, in founder’s room)

Our command

I say true, right now we have only one employer. It’s me, founder of this project) Right now, I’m an SEO, copywriter, investor, critic, and web designer. In short, I’m a general and the soldier of my army.

Miras Me

Support project

Dear site users. My name is Miras and I am the founder of this service. I ask if you liked our idea if it helped you, please support it. Because now the whole project is sponsored only by me.
Now I am developing a design for a mobile application for IOS, it is already available on Android. Please support our project, and let’s change this world for the better!